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Learning What Specific Supplements Accomplish

There are several types of dietary supplements available on the market. Some are designed to build muscle mass, some are offered to increase metabolism, and some improve nutrition. It is important to learn what the purpose of a supplement is before considering taking it. Nutritional supplements can be anything from a single ingredient, such as vitamin c capsules, to a blend of ingredients aimed at specific purposes. Increasing antioxidants, improving the levels of minerals in the body, or replenishing natural substances are different goals. General supplements are fine, but may not be as effective as specific formulas.

There are many brands of supplements that focus on replenishing the levels of enzymes in cells, such as Excellacor. The natural aging process reduces the amount of enzymes produced in the cells of the body. The function of enzymes is to create the chemical reactions that cause cells to grow and perform. Every cell has enzymes. The reduction often results in a host of problems, such as poor digestion, an increase in inflammation, a slower metabolism, poor circulation, and increases in blood sugar levels. There are specific digestive enzyme formulas that are taken with food. The excellacor enzyme formula is designed to be taken on an empty stomach. The capsule is enteric-coated with serrapeptase to ensure it gets passed stomach acids intact. That allows it to reach the small intestine where maximum absorption is possible.

The excellacor brand has been on the market for twenty years and contains a non-animal derived formula. All natural ingredients include fruit derived enzymes, such as bromelain and papin. Lipase is an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of fats, and amla is a natural source of vitamin C. The benefits of taking the specific serretia serrapeptase formula include healthy blood circulation, relief of muscle soreness, and reduced inflammation of joints and tendons. Other enzyme products are manufactured by the same company. Serracor-NK is designed to support circulation, respiratory health, and the immune system. It also promotes healing and blood clotting via added enzymes, such as nattokinase, coenzyme Q10, and fibrin.

Dosing recommendations begin at one capsule three times a day and continue in stages to reach the therapeutic dosage of three capsules three times a day. Those are general guidelines and may vary depending on weight, age, tolerance, height, and degree of symptoms. Do not start to take any supplement without consulting a doctor first. Learning the purposes of each supplement will help people determine which ones they may wish to discuss with the doctor at their next appointment.